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headphone-iconIf I say this site is – partially – about music I guess I should show you a few examples of my work. Keep in mind that this is merely a selection and more can be found on my Soundcloud profile if you’re interested. Now, let’s get to it, shall we?

You’ll notice that every track here comes with a neat little description regarding its creation process. I like to do that so you can get a better feel for the different songs.


This one was inspired by a song from “Fantasy Life” called 魔王の塔 (Maō no Tō – “Tower of the Demon King”). You will notice that the bassoon in my track bares a lot of similarities to the intro of that song. Violin, Harpsichord and Timpani set the mood for a song fit for the main villain in your story.


This one is very special to me. This, ladies and gentlemen, is my first-ever commission (aka the first song that I got money for). The celesta sets a neat music box mood and is supported by some emulated clock-ticking to make an unnerving intro that makes you feel alone and lonely. I’m especially proud of this one since it carries so much symbolism in it – more than any other song I wrote thus far.


If you have a look at my Soundcloud, you’ll see that I have a thing for battle themes. However, I never made a battle theme with this orchestral VST. And still, this does not use the orchestra exclusively. It’s a mix between my two styles – orchestral and synth – and I think it worked out quite nicely.

I’d never really made anything like this before, which is very odd considering that I’ve played the saxophone for a few years and this is a jazzy type of song. After a multi-hour composing marathon (I’m looking at you drum track) I had finally finished what’s supposed to be a modern town/city theme. I took a little inspiration from the Tales of Xillia (2) soundtrack for this – specifically from “A City of Another Civilization” and “The Bridge that Leads the World”.


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