Composer’s Note (#8)

– On drafts –

As you can probably tell by my lack of updates, I’ve either been incredibly lazy or incredibly busy. I have, in fact, been both. Too busy during weekdays and too lazy during weekends. I’m on the last stretch of earning my Bachelor’s degree and things have been a little more time-consuming with my internship. But do not worry! I am still working on music. I’m still being productive. What that means is that I have a metric shit-ton of drafts that are waiting for me to finish them. And I will do that eventually. For the time being, however, I ask you to bear with me. ^-^


– Newgrounds escapades –

A lot of you probably don’t know this but I was (somewhat) active on Newgrounds a couple of years ago. I thought spreading my work on more places on the interwebs would help finding people who’d want to use my music and maybe commission me. Didn’t work out exactly as I had hoped and I soon abandoned Newgrounds after only a few months.

About a week ago I decided to check into Newgrounds and see if anything was up. Turns out, there was. And boy did it ever amuse me. It was a comment on one of my songs on there and I have a screenshot of what it actually was so you too can be amused~!

The song is question is “Call of the War Drums”, which you can find here!

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