Composer’s Note (#6)

– Goin’ Youtube (again) –

Yes, you’re reading right – I’m going to expand to Youtube and start posting my work there too. Now, I don’t know if I mentioned it somewhere but starting out I made remakes of classic video game soundtracks. That was two years before I composed my very first own song. Back in the day I would upload them to what was my Youtube channel at the time, SigmaRidley. That was my first internet pseudonym which was later replaced by KingMadness which was again ultimately replaced by Kaimen.

SigmaRidley is long gone. I closed that channel to focus on my Let’s Play channel KingMadness which I somewhat gave up on now which is why I made a brand new channel under the name of Kaimen. Complicated enough yet? Well, the history doesn’t really matter that much. I just wanted to give a little background on what was going on before my days as a composer because I want to bring some of that back. And I’m starting off with, you guessed it, remakes of classic video game soundtracks. This here is just a prelude of things to come in the future…

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