Composer’s Note (#4)

– Choices of an artist –
(see below for new songs)

Being a freelancer has a lot of advantages as well as disadvantages. But when you’re not exactly dependent on the money you’d make with your craft then those disadvantages surely don’t weigh as heavy. Surely, I’d like to do this professionally eventually but being a hobbyist freelancer is the best I can ask for right now since I only profit from the gains that gives me. I can choose who I work for and if they throw stones in my path, I simply make a turn and go elsewhere. And done that I have.

Remember my first Composer’s Note? The one about the song I couldn’t share in an audible form because it was part of a resource team release? Well, things have changed and due to some… unfortunate turns of events I have resigned from that resource team and thus am now free to share the songs I made for what would have been the next release. I’m not gonna throw a tantrum here and rant about why I left, no. I’m just gonna leave you with the songs to enjoy, since that’s what I do and want to do in the future without any hinderances in my path. 🙂

I’ve never really made anything like this before, which is very odd considering that I’ve played the saxophone for a few years and this is a jazzy type of song. Anyway, after a multi-hour composing marathon (I’m looking at you drum track) I’ve finally finished what’s supposed to be a modern town/city theme. I took a little inspiration from the Tales of Xillia (2) soundtrack for this – specifically from “A City of Another Civilization” and “The Bridge that Leads the World”.

A calm, yet wild theme for a forest-y area or something similar.
I mainly used strings, the flute and the piano in this one. Most of the time making this song wasn’t even invested in actual composing but rather into mixing and getting the strings to sound like I wanted them to. It kinda worked out but I just couldn’t get them 100% right. I’m sure I’m the only one who’s irked by that, so… don’t matter too much, I guess. The song still has that catchy melody going and that’s what counts. XD

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