Composer’s Note (#2)

– Late-Night Composing –

Sometimes when I can’t get a melody or motif out of my head I sit down and put it into musical form in case I forget it. That has happened before and thus I’ve become very careful and meticulous. That’s also why I always have a recording device nearby – I just don’t want to get all my spontaneous ideas go to waste.

I have an example of this right here. The intro to this song has been spooking around in my head for the last two days and now I finally got off my lazy behind and wrote it actually down, in Logic that is. That was… about three hours ago and originally I only wanted to put that little intro motif into Logic. However, while composing the motif I got ideas for a melody and fitting accompaniment. So naturally, I had to put those down as well lest I forget them. That process has taken me about three and a half hours and I have effectively composed an entire minute worth of song – and I have to say I am quite fond of it so far. It’s just funny how simply making a draft can spark one’s inspiration so much. This is not the first time that has happened to me and most of my “better” songs (at least the ones I consider better) are results of those late-night composing sessions.

I thought I’d share the progress I’ve made so far with you here. Again, only as a screenshot since, well, it’s not done yet. I’ll definitely post another update once it’s done, don’t worry. But for now, I’m gonna go to bed. That’s the downside of late-night sessions – you get tired very quickly. 😀

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