Composer’s Note (#1)

I haven’t really uploaded any “real” songs for quite some time now. All that I shared was a chiptune and a synthesized version of it. But rest assured, I have not been inactive. Oh no, not at all. In fact, I have finished two more songs in the last few weeks which are not yet public. Why is that? Well, that is because they are part of the upcoming Resource Team release of the RPG Maker MV forums.

For clarification’s sake: the Resource Team, or RT for short, is a collective of people (artists, coders, musicians and writers) who release custom content to be used with RPG Maker on a regular basis. And until the release of that content package, everything that has been made for is stays a secret to not spoil the surprise.

The good thing about music is, that there is a wonderful way to show what I have made, without spoiling too much of the surprise. I can share one of the songs I made with you, but not in an audible form. Instead, I will show you what the song looks like. You will get to see what instruments I used and how the project looks overall but not really much more. I plan on doing this on a regular basis. Not only with songs that will be in an RT release but also with all of my other projects – these types of posts will be called “Composer’s Notes” (pun intended).

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