– On drafts –

As you can probably tell by my lack of updates, I’ve either been incredibly lazy or incredibly busy. I have, in fact, been both. Too busy during weekdays and too lazy during weekends. I’m on the last stretch of earning my Bachelor’s degree and things have been a little more time-consuming with my internship. But do not worry! I am still working on music. I’m still being productive. What that means is that I have a metric shit-ton of drafts that are waiting for me to finish them. And I will do that eventually. For the time being, however, I ask you to bear with me. ^-^


– Newgrounds escapades –

A lot of you probably don’t know this but I was (somewhat) active on Newgrounds a couple of years ago. I thought spreading my work on more places on the interwebs would help finding people who’d want to use my music and maybe commission me. Didn’t work out exactly as I had hoped and I soon abandoned Newgrounds after only a few months.

About a week ago I decided to check into Newgrounds and see if anything was up. Turns out, there was. And boy did it ever amuse me. It was a comment on one of my songs on there and I have a screenshot of what it actually was so you too can be amused~!

The song is question is “Call of the War Drums”, which you can find here!

– I should update more often –

I know, I know, you haven’t heard from me on here in… quite some time. That is because I’ve been busy with real life things and whatnot. Real life things that kinda affected my composing and how frequently I could actually sit down and do some. I do hope that I’ll find more time to spend composing now though. And in fact, I’ve already something to show you! I’ve been thinking and talking about doing this a lot and I’ve finally started on it. I’m talking about my retro dungeon theme collection that I’m currently working on! Three songs are already done and more are to follow soon. So you can look forward to that~ ^-^

And here’s what I got so far. Happy listening~

– Goin’ Youtube (again) –

Yes, you’re reading right – I’m going to expand to Youtube and start posting my work there too. Now, I don’t know if I mentioned it somewhere but starting out I made remakes of classic video game soundtracks. That was two years before I composed my very first own song. Back in the day I would upload them to what was my Youtube channel at the time, SigmaRidley. That was my first internet pseudonym which was later replaced by KingMadness which was again ultimately replaced by Kaimen.

SigmaRidley is long gone. I closed that channel to focus on my Let’s Play channel KingMadness which I somewhat gave up on now which is why I made a brand new channel under the name of Kaimen. Complicated enough yet? Well, the history doesn’t really matter that much. I just wanted to give a little background on what was going on before my days as a composer because I want to bring some of that back. And I’m starting off with, you guessed it, remakes of classic video game soundtracks. This here is just a prelude of things to come in the future…

– Rights of an artist –

You may have heard this word before: copyright. It’s a very complicated term, at least by law and not exactly easy to deal with. Especially on the internet and especially in online communities that are mostly about showing and sharing one’s creations.

But no matter how complicated that whole copyright thing is, no matter what some convoluted and contradictory terms of service say, you should always respect an artist, their creations and their rights on those creations. If you want to get along with content creators and want them to keep on doing what they’re doing – creating content and make it available for everyone – you should at least try to respect them. If you don’t, chances are that you’re gonna run out of custom resources and the creative spirits just move on to a different platform where their work is being appreciated and respected.

– Choices of an artist –
(see below for new songs)

Being a freelancer has a lot of advantages as well as disadvantages. But when you’re not exactly dependent on the money you’d make with your craft then those disadvantages surely don’t weigh as heavy. Surely, I’d like to do this professionally eventually but being a hobbyist freelancer is the best I can ask for right now since I only profit from the gains that gives me. I can choose who I work for and if they throw stones in my path, I simply make a turn and go elsewhere. And done that I have.

Remember my first Composer’s Note? The one about the song I couldn’t share in an audible form because it was part of a resource team release? Well, things have changed and due to some… unfortunate turns of events I have resigned from that resource team and thus am now free to share the songs I made for what would have been the next release. I’m not gonna throw a tantrum here and rant about why I left, no. I’m just gonna leave you with the songs to enjoy, since that’s what I do and want to do in the future without any hinderances in my path. 🙂

I’ve never really made anything like this before, which is very odd considering that I’ve played the saxophone for a few years and this is a jazzy type of song. Anyway, after a multi-hour composing marathon (I’m looking at you drum track) I’ve finally finished what’s supposed to be a modern town/city theme. I took a little inspiration from the Tales of Xillia (2) soundtrack for this – specifically from “A City of Another Civilization” and “The Bridge that Leads the World”.

A calm, yet wild theme for a forest-y area or something similar.
I mainly used strings, the flute and the piano in this one. Most of the time making this song wasn’t even invested in actual composing but rather into mixing and getting the strings to sound like I wanted them to. It kinda worked out but I just couldn’t get them 100% right. I’m sure I’m the only one who’s irked by that, so… don’t matter too much, I guess. The song still has that catchy melody going and that’s what counts. XD

Remember that late-night composition I started the other day? Yeah, it’s not been that long, I know but guess what: the song I started then is finished. I haven’t added a whole lot more to the stuff you could see on the screenshot but I did add some percussion and did a little tweaking to make it sound like I wanted it to. And now I proudly present to you the “hymn of the forgotten”.

The main theme to-be of my game Oblivia” (working title).
Usually the soundtrack is not the first thing you create when making a game but I decided that this one deserves to be the main theme of my game.
The intro to this one was the little motive that’s been stuck in my head and I’m especially proud of the flute motive I came up with in the process of making it. This might be one of my most “complicated” songs so far and it’s definitely already one of my personal favourites.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-02-06 um 17.18.49

And as bonus, here’s the flute part I’m talking about. Don’t steal! 😀

– Late-Night Composing –

Sometimes when I can’t get a melody or motif out of my head I sit down and put it into musical form in case I forget it. That has happened before and thus I’ve become very careful and meticulous. That’s also why I always have a recording device nearby – I just don’t want to get all my spontaneous ideas go to waste.

I have an example of this right here. The intro to this song has been spooking around in my head for the last two days and now I finally got off my lazy behind and wrote it actually down, in Logic that is. That was… about three hours ago and originally I only wanted to put that little intro motif into Logic. However, while composing the motif I got ideas for a melody and fitting accompaniment. So naturally, I had to put those down as well lest I forget them. That process has taken me about three and a half hours and I have effectively composed an entire minute worth of song – and I have to say I am quite fond of it so far. It’s just funny how simply making a draft can spark one’s inspiration so much. This is not the first time that has happened to me and most of my “better” songs (at least the ones I consider better) are results of those late-night composing sessions.

I thought I’d share the progress I’ve made so far with you here. Again, only as a screenshot since, well, it’s not done yet. I’ll definitely post another update once it’s done, don’t worry. But for now, I’m gonna go to bed. That’s the downside of late-night sessions – you get tired very quickly. 😀

Bildschirmfoto 2016-02-05 um 02.18.18

I haven’t really uploaded any “real” songs for quite some time now. All that I shared was a chiptune and a synthesized version of it. But rest assured, I have not been inactive. Oh no, not at all. In fact, I have finished two more songs in the last few weeks which are not yet public. Why is that? Well, that is because they are part of the upcoming Resource Team release of the RPG Maker MV forums.

For clarification’s sake: the Resource Team, or RT for short, is a collective of people (artists, coders, musicians and writers) who release custom content to be used with RPG Maker on a regular basis. And until the release of that content package, everything that has been made for is stays a secret to not spoil the surprise.

The good thing about music is, that there is a wonderful way to show what I have made, without spoiling too much of the surprise. I can share one of the songs I made with you, but not in an audible form. Instead, I will show you what the song looks like. You will get to see what instruments I used and how the project looks overall but not really much more. I plan on doing this on a regular basis. Not only with songs that will be in an RT release but also with all of my other projects – these types of posts will be called “Composer’s Notes” (pun intended).

Bildschirmfoto 2016-02-03 um 16.18.32

If you somehow managed to find this site without my help and wondered what’s going on here, let me enlighten you. This is going to be, once finished, the web presence of “Kaimen Soundtracks”! This site will be mainly about music (soundtracks) and game development so if you’re not interesting in that kind of stuff, you won’t have much fun here. However, if you happen to be a fellow composer, artist, writer, game developer or something like that you might find some exciting and interesting content here.

Now, I’m going to silently update this site over the next few days, filling it with a little of said content. If you want to contribute anything tweet at me or leave a comment! I’d be happy about some interaction.

That said, I hope that at least a few of you decide to come by here from time to time. It’ll be fun. I promise. 🙂